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Terms & Conditions and Merokhaja Mobile App are both intellectual property of Nepestore I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A company registered in Nepal.

            The term ‘Merokhaja’, ‘’, ’us’ and ‘we’ refers to the owner of Merokhaja App and website. The term ‘you’ or ‘our customers’ or ‘website users’ or ‘App users’ refer to the user or viewer of our website and app. If you use our website, app, facebook page and call our listed phone in our website or app, you have to agree to our following terms and condition. If you are not agreed then please don’t use our website, app, facebook page, and our listed phone numbers. If you continue to use our service then you are also accepting our terms & conditions and privacy policy too.


Merokhaja app & website is owned and operated by Nepestore I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our services are to provide restaurant food ordering and delivery of food to our customers home or customer requested location. We are in no way responsible for the quality of foods and its packaging offered by our partner restaurants or listed Restaurants of our app. We are responsible for delivery of foods & beverage to our customer’s location.

Price of Food Item

Since we are providing free delivery of foods to our customer, that is no any delivery charge, therefore the price of item listed in our website or App are higher than that of actual restaurant or physical store. Since food price are listed in our website, app, brochure, facebook page, cards and other different places, when our partner restaurant changes the price of menu of their restaurant, at that time we have to change the price of our website or app menu also. So that the prices written physically in brochure, old facebook posts and cards are not same. In that case our website menu price will be the final price of any food item.

Ordering ways & Payment Method

We take orders from our website, app, facebook page and phone calls. In all methods of ordering you are agreeing to our terms & conditions. After taking order we take time of 30 minutes to 50 minutes depending upon the type of food ordered to deliver to customer location. We will mention that time to our customers while communicating with them. When we get any order if the restaurant was chosen by user in our app then we will call that restaurant and tell them to prepare food on customer selected restaurant. While ordering if customer have not chosen any restaurant and just ordered food items in that case we will deliver food from our partner restaurant which is near to our customer. Payment methods are cash on delivery, ’Esewa’and bank transfer. There is no any in app purchase in our app for now. Payment must be made by customers on same day of delivery of food. We don’t work on credit with customers. Bills used will have name of our company Nepestore I.T. Solutions mentioning our website name also. Although in packaging their might be name of restaurant from where we have brought the food items. We are buying the foods from your chosen restaurant and selling to you  and giving free delivery service.

            If you have made advance payment and you did not received your ordered items then we will refund your cash. If food is found unhygienic at that time also we will either refund or process another delivery of that food item.

Privacy Policy

Merokhaja has created this privacy policy to protect the user information and explain how we use user information for sole purpose of app & website.

            Name, address and phone number of customer will be taken from app or website or any other method of ordering we offer, so that we can deliver the food items to customer’s  location precisely.

            Customer’s email address will be taken in our website to send emails regarding order status.

            Customer GPS location will be used to identify exact location of customer for timely delivery of food in our app. Customer is free to choose whether they want to share GPS location or not to us. If they deny we will not use any GPS locations. We will deliver food with written address in our form in app or website. In our website user can order food without registering also that is registration is optional. But in app user have to register with us to order food. While registering user have to provide name, address, phone, email and password. Email and password combination is used to log in in website and phone and password combination is used to log in in phone app. Passwords are only used by users for log in purpose. Safe use of password is user sole responsibility. From our side your data is completely safe and used wisely within our platform for quality service.